Complete Solutions to all your OEM Superior® Engine, Compressor, and Elliott Turbocharger Needs

Sinor Engine Company, Inc. is the leading after-market distributor of Superior® engine and compressor parts in the United States. Our management has experience with Superior® Equipment dating back to 1962. At Sinor, we offer a complete inventory of new OEM parts for all Superior® engines and compressors as well as the largest exchange and rebuilt component inventory in the industry. We also provide full service shop and field overhauls and service work on all Superior® components. As Elliott Turbochargers are OEM equipment on Superior® Engines, as well as many other manufacturer’s engines, we provide full overhaul and repair services on all models of Elliott Turbochargers. We also stock Cooper-ET and M.A.N turbochargers for Superior® Engines.

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Overhauls and Exchange Engines

Sinor keeps a full inventory of Exchange Engines, Rebuilt Engines, Compressor Frames and Compressor Cylinders.

OEM Superior® Parts

We’ve seen first hand how having the right tools can make an engine repair much easier. Browse our list of many of the OEM engine and compressor service tools along with some that Sinor Engine has designed in house.

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