Lewis Sinor founded Sinor Engine Company in October of 1962 as a distributor of OEM White Superior® engine and compressor parts. His experience with Superior® engines dated back to 1954 with the Superior® diesel engines used on drilling rigs. The company’s first location was a 5000-sq. ft. facility near downtown Houston in the original oilfield corridor. Elliott turbochargers were a good part of the original business since they were the OEM turbo on Superior® engines.

After graduating from Texas A&M and a tour of duty in the Army, Lewis’ son, Dale, joined the company. In 1968, Dale and Lewis built a new 7000-sq. ft. facility near the Houston Ship Channel. In the early eighties with the downturn in the oil industry, the business began to move from the drilling sector to the gas compression industry. The knowledge gained from years of work on Elliott turbochargers for Superior® engines was leveraged to include Elliott turbochargers on Ingersoll-Rand, Worthington, MEP and Delaval engines. Even though the facility had grown to 35,000-sq. ft. by the end of the 1980’s it was bursting at the seams.

The 1990’s saw Dale’s three sons joining the business. After 22 years at the Ship Channel location, we felt that we needed to design a new facility from the ground up to better serve our customers’ needs. In 1994 after two years of design and construction, our 80,000-sq. ft. facility was completed in Deer Park. This facility was designed with one purpose in mind, to best serve the needs of our customers with Superior® engines, compressors and Elliott turbochargers. We were able to improve and expand all of our departments and had the room to build a water brake dynamometer to load test all of our engines.

A 20,000 sq. ft expansion was completed in 1999. In 2003 we completed our most recent expansion giving us over 120,000 sq-ft dedicated to Superior® Engines, Compressors and Elliot Turbochargers. We installed three computer controlled water break dynamometers to test load engines up to 6000 HP. Our facility now enables us to store a large selection of Superior® engines, compressors, compressor cylinders, coolers and packaged units. For a Virtual Tour of our facility, click on Facility Tour. We are also able to stock a broader, more complete line of rebuilt parts for the engines, compressors and turbochargers. Today we are the largest aftermarket distributor of Superior® OEM parts. Thanks for your interest in Sinor Engine Company. We welcome any comments.