Sinor has developed with Altronic Inc. the S-8988 air/fuel engine control panel to replace the Dynalco control panel. It includes the EPC-200C engine performance module. The panel has the cut-outs to include a GOV10 control panel. The panel covers the entire 825 engine line and the 2400 engine series.

The Altronic EPC-200C Engine Performance controller is designed to maximize engine performance and efficiency, typically on larger, fuel-injected engines. The microprocessor based EPC-200C electronically controls ignition timing and air/fuel ratio: thus replacing the traditional pneumatic control systems dedicated to these functions.

Engine RPM plus up to four other analog inputs can be used as control variables. Typically these will be fuel manifold pressure, air manifold pressure, and air manifold temperature are used as the primary control variables. Outputs include two 4-20 ma signals.

The first is used for turbocharger by-pass (wastegate) control and the second as a timing control signal for use in conjunction with and Altronic CPU ignition. RS-422 serial communications port for remote monitoring. The controller has a LCD display and keypad for operator interface.

Panel is a weatherproof enclosure, NEMA 3, designed for outside use, with front and rear access. The front door has a clear viewing window. Enclosure is powder-coated steel ANSI 61 grey. A fixed insert mounted on shock mounts is used for mounting display instruments and operational devices. Panel is designed for Class 1, Group D, Div. 2 area classification.

Custom panels can be made to suit a customer’s specific needs.