Since 1962 Sinor has been committed to excellence on every accessory on a Superior® Engine, including turbochargers. We’ve since expanded our scope of turbocharger repair to include all Elliott models for other engine manufacturers including Delaval/Enterprise®, Fairbanks-Morse®, Ingersoll-Rand®, MEP®, Nordberg® and Worthington®. Many of the OEM engine manufacturers use Sinor for their turbocharger parts and repair. We also stock rebuilt Cooper ET11 & ET13 turbos and M.A.N. turbos for Superior® Engines. With over 30 years of engine and turbo service, Sinor can also offer insight into engine/turbo performance.

Complete Inventory

Sinor maintains a complete inventory of new and used parts for Elliott, Cooper-ET, and M.A.N. turbochargers including:

  • bearings
  • seals
  • shafts
  • impellers
  • nozzle rings
  • turbine disks and cases
  • turbo cases
  • rotor assemblies
  • turbine disks
  • diffusers
  • nozzle rings
  • turbine inlet cases

Exchange Program

We’ve taken our pioneering exchange program and applied it to all aspects of turbocharger repair. We know which models you need so we keep them in stock for exchange. If you require a model that is not in stock, we can typically build it in a matter of hours. The exchange program applies not only to complete turbos but intermediate cartridges, rotor assemblies and turbocharger cases.


Sinor’s turbocharger overhauls follow strict quality procedures. Before disassembly all critical clearances are recorded and the cases are marked. Photos are taken throughout the entire process. The turbo is dismantled and all parts are inspected, measured and recorded. After cleaning, the rotor assembly is balanced and installed. The turbo is assembled and all critical clearances are recorded. After the turbo is shipped, a report detailing the turbo overhaul with photographs of all the parts and the assembly and disassembly clearances is presented to the customer.

Sinor offers Turbocharger Conversions from the COOPER-ET to Elliott turbocharger. We also have a complete set of mechanics tools and Turbo Tach Pickup Assemblies for all models of Elliott turbochargers. Click on the links below for more information.

Turbocharger Conversions   Turbocharger Tools   Turbo Tach Pickup Assemblies