Superior 825 series vee and inline engines were originally supplied with cast iron side cover doors. These doors are mainly used to gain access to the camshaft area for gas valve adjustment. The numerous fasteners and weight of the doors made this a difficult and time-consuming task.

About ten years ago, Cooper Energy Services offered a fiberglass alternative to the cast iron door. This design reduced the individual door weight by more than 40 pounds and increased the door’s overall strength and flexibility. Although the lighter doors were easier to handle, they still required a significant amount of time for removal and reinstallation.

This latest design takes the fiberglass door concept a step further. Each door has been fitted with two access ports large enough to perform the gas valve adjustment. The ports are covered by smaller doors and secured with only two fasteners.

This new door replaces side cover doors for all 825 series vee and inline engines. The door is sold as an assembly and includes all o-rings and mounting hardware shown in the image above. Part numbers and quantity requirements are listed in the table below.

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Engine Type No. of Cycls Qty Rqd. Cast Iron Door Number Old Part Fiberglass Door Number New Fiberglass Door Number w/Side Cover
Inline 6 3 006-675 033-668 034-750
Inline 8 4 006-675 033-668 034-750
Vee 12 6 029-296 033-667 034-753
Vee 16 8 029-296 033-667 034-753