Thru our extensive testing of control systems on our dynamometer, Sinor Engine recommends the GOV10 Electronic Governor. The GOV10 series is both a fuel valve and electronic governor integrated into a single unit.

The GOV10 series completely eliminate troublesome hydraulic governors, actuators, and linkages, and significantly improves starting performance and speed stability. The GOV series may also be ordered with a fuel flow measurement option utilizing a built-in orifice meter and built-in pressure, differential pressure, and temperature sensors. Utilizing fuel flow and fuel flow/revolution values, maximum engine horsepower and maximum engine torque limits can be applied for improved engine/compressor safety.

A sophisticated engine start-up and governing algorithm is resident in the GOV10/50 units allowing their use in conjunction with a PLC or simply as a stand-alone replacement governor. Configuration of control parameters, timers and set points is accomplished through the GOV Display Module. The complete governor system consists of the GOV10, a speed-sensing magnetic pickup, and the Display Module, a small computer-based terminal that serves as a display and configuration device.


  • Integral Electronics and State-of-the-Art Fuel Valve
  • Eliminates Separate Actuators and Linkages
  • Improved Starting – sets gas pressure to pre-selected value and ramp rate
  • Better Speed Stability – continuous dynamic gain adjustment for load and no load conditions
  • Fail Safe Design – spring-loaded poppet valve closes on loss of power or gas pressure
  • Total fuel flow and fuel flow/revolution displayed and outputted as analog and serial signals
  • Serial communication of all critical data in Modbus RTU
  • High Tolerance to Dirt – flow-through design minimizes effects of contamination
  • CSA-Certified for Class I, Divisions 1 and 2, Group D Hazardous Areas


Sinor has designed the S-8713 adapter plates to bolt onto the inlet and outlet side of the GOV10. These provide an easy connection to brackets as well as adapting to 2”-150# flanges. We can also supply all necessary piping and brackets for your Superior® 825 and 2400 turbocharged engine.