Sinor Engine Company now offers a newly designed oil manifold for the old style 6 and 8 cylinder Superior Gas and Diesel engines. This retrofit kit will directly replace the existing oil manifolds which are notorious for cracking around the brazed joints and constantly leaking.

The new oil manifolds are made from a solid piece of extruded aluminum this is cut into blocks and machined to fit all applications. These blocks are connected by pipe couplings thus eliminating all brazed unions.

The kit includes all of the pipe plugs, couplings, gaskets and bolts necessary to directly replace the existing oil manifold.

Original Manifold New Kit Number Engine Model
012-378 S-8908 8 Cylinder
4Y-1257 S-8909 8 Cylinder
YPTDS-842-A S-8910 8 Cylinder
YPTDS-842-B S-8911 8 Cylinder
012-377 S-8912 8 Cylinder
4Y-1161 S-8913 6 Cylinder
YPTDS-642-A S-8914 6 Cylinder