Sinor offers tachometer pickup assemblies for all models of Elliott, Cooper-ET and MAN turbochargers to monitor turbocharger rotor speed. These pickups mount directly to the blower inlet of the turbo. They can be used to:

  • Monitor Speed
  • Over-Speed Alarm
  • Over-Speed Shutdown
  • Turbo Condition Monitoring
  • Hour Monitoring

The assemblies are complete with tach pickups and have Amphenol MIL SPEC connections to connect to any control/monitoring system. They can also be supplied with a digital indicator to display the speed independent of a control panel. If the rotor stud and blower inlet case have not been machined for tach pickup, exchange parts can be provided. Click on Tach Setting Instructions for proper tach set-up. These assemblies can be installed in the field but the customer or by one of our mechanics.

Turbo Model Tach Pickup Assembly
H-30/31, H-35 S-8661
L-40/41 S-8330
H-58, BC370 S-8498
BC090 S-8606
ET11 S-8663
ET13 S-8664