The current wastegate design for the Superior® turbocharged engine hot the actuator mounted directly to the wastegate valve. This location produces extreme heat and thus a very short life for the actuator. Sinor Engine Company has developed an upgrade kit that moves the actuator away from the wastegate valve thus away from the heat. This new design will relocate the actuator on an inline engine to the side of the block and onto the intercooler on a vee engine.

Besides the relocation, this kit also utilizes a new Kinnetrol actuator which has proven to be o very reliable and long lasting unit in the gas turbine industry. The kit includes all of the necessary brackets, linkage and fasteners to convert your existing unit quickly and easily. Also included in the kit is a modified wastegate valve with a brass bushing pressed into the packing nut.

This not only helps to align the wastegate valve shaft but also reduces the wear, extending the life of the valve. Custom kits can also be made for special applications including cold wastegate locations, other engine models and governor control.

Part Number
Engine Model
6 and 8 GTLA/B
12 and 16 GTLA/B

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