Exchange Program
More than a decade ago, our customers were experiencing a great deal of downtime on their units due to a single, failed component. This led to the development of our component exchange program. Our program contains virtually all engine and compressor mounted components including Elliott turbochargers. Each component is ready for immediate shipment to the customer’s location. We ship the rebuilt component before the unit is shutdown. Once the rebuilt unit is received, the customer replaces the failed component with our rebuilt item and sends the damaged item to us for rebuild. Once the item is rebuilt by Sinor, we will bill only for the cost of the repair and place the component back in our inventory. There is no additional premium for this service.

Complete Exchange Engines
Another major advantage to our customers is our stock of complete exchange Superior®; engines. We offer a wide variety of rebuilt Superior® engines which can be exchanged for the customer’s failed engine. Once the details have been worked out, our engine will arrive at the location before the customer’s unit is removed. This can greatly reduce the amount of downtime experienced by the operator. We also keep an 8GTLE clean burn conversion in stock. Meeting emissions standards is as simple as changing out your engine.

Rebuilt Components
Sinor Engine Company maintains one of the largest single site inventories in the industry of rebuilt components for the Superior® engine and compressor and Elliott turbocharger ready to be shipped immediately. These items are rebuilt according to exacting manufacturer’s specifications and carry our standard warranty for rebuilt items. Rebuilt components are a great alternative to new items at a significantly lower cost.