Field Overhauls and Repair Work
If logistics do not warrant a shop overhaul, our team of highly trained technicians can complete the overhaul or any other repair work at the customer’s location within the customer’s scheduled time frame. We also provide a complete service trailer to complement our technicians and provide them with all of the necessary equipment to complete the overhaul or field repair work.


Shop Overhauls
Sinor Engine Company specializes in full service shop and field overhauls of Superior® engines and compressors. Our facility is designed to allow us to perform multiple engine overhauls simultaneously. We have been performing overhauls since 1962 and have the capabilities and experience to overhaul every Superior® engine, from a 6G-510 to a 16SGTB. All of our overhauls are performed according to exacting manufacturer’s specifications and are documented with photographs and reports summarizing the critical dimensions and measurements. When the overhaul is complete, the unit is shipped to the customer’s location and a report detailing the overhaul process is forwarded to the customer.
Dynamometer and Load Tests
At Sinor, we try to implement ideas that benefit our customers while also saving them money. One of these ideas is the implementation of a water brake dynamometer. Previously, we could test run a Superior® engine but could not put it under an operating load. This led us to install a water brake dynamometer which now allows us to fully load test any Superior® engine in our facility. It is standard practice at Sinor to load test all of our overhauled engines, but we have also performed load tests for various customers who want to make any necessary engine adjustments before their unit is installed at its final location.